I am not very good at summarizing myself so I’ll keep this brief. I am from the UK and living in the occupied Palestinian territories, I work for a human rights organisation that focuses on freedom of speech. I am an avid reader and go a little nuts if I go too long without losing myself in the pages of a book. Most of what you read is composed in my living room, cat on lap with a large cup of tea in hand (english tea courtesy of my mum’s care packages). Last but certainly not least, I am a devout foodie. I think about, talk about and eat food with zeal.

Why Medusa?

Most people are aware of the outline of the myth of Medusa. Her mythological image has in recent decades become a feminist symbol, a symbol typifying female rage and the fear incited by that rage. In the standardised version of the myth, the god Poseidon seduces Medusa in the temple of the goddess Athena. Athena, angered by the desecration of her temple curses Medusa, transforming her hair into serpents and her once beautiful face into a visage of horror that turns onlookers to stone.

The Greek hero Perseus is sent on a mission by King Polydectes to kill Medusa, and with the aid of a reflective shield he succeeds by beheading Medusa.

An alternate reading of the myth shows that the ancient Greek words for “seduce” and “rape” are synonymous, bringing us to a feminist perspective of the myth. Medusa appears instead as a survivor of rape who is punished for being victimised, a woman stigmatised and banished from society, a woman so enraged by her unjust treatment that that rage can turn men to stone with just one look, a woman whose rage and power upsets patriarchal dominance, a woman who is ultimately silenced by a patriarchal hero.

Angry women today continue to be stigmatised, we are told to calm down, lighten up, take it easy and go make a sandwich. We are expected to take up the oppressive mantle of patriarchal dominance joyfully and without complaint, to be subservient with a smile, and to never ever be angry at the injustices perpetrated in the name of patriarchal triumph. So, Medusa as the namesake of this blog is intended to express a positive symbol of rage, my way of saying “Yeah, I see all the shit that goes on, and you know what? IT IS NOT OKAY”.

Disclaimer and Comments Policy:

I welcome comments, questions, links, musings and pretty much whatever.

However, please consider: I am one person writing a blog – I will be sharing my thoughts, opinions and experiences, it is not my intention to universalize them or the experiences of the friends whose stories I may share.

Comments which I find insulting, hate filled, racist, derogatory or offensive will be deleted. I am acutely aware of the passionate responses and reactions people have to the Israel/Palestine issue, and I will say this only once: I am anti-Zionist not anti-Semitic. I have zero tolerance for accusations of anti-Semitism, which unfortunately is a knee-jerk reaction many have to those who are critical of Israel’s policies and actions. In turn, I have zero tolerance for anti-Semitism, so any comments which I view as being so will be deleted.


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